How Much is the Cost to Live in Japan?

For those of you who want to study and work in Japan, it’s important to find out how much is the cost you will spend. You know, the estimated cost of living in Japan will be the basis for you to prepare your budget. For example, it is a place to live. Because it’s so expensive to live there, a few Japanese people choose the cafe as a place to live. Wow, is that really expensive?

Now, you do understand the importance to prepare your budget before you’re planning to live in Japan. Japan does have low inflation. However, low inflation does not seem to affect some of the costs there. In fact, there is a large fee that will surprise you. 

Here’s the estimated budget you need to prepare! 

Rent an apartment – 41.667 yen per month 

Even though there are a few preferences place to live in Japan, the cost of rent a residence will take up the largest portion of income. There are various factors that affect rental prices, such as location and others. But, the other factors such as distance to your office or university need to be considered. For example, the price of renting an apartment is not expensive, but the location is far from your office or school, transportation costs are even more expensive.  

Foods – 44.441 yen per month

The cost of eating per month depends on how often you eat at restaurants or buy food outside, rather than cooking by yourself. For example, buy a box of karaage (fried chicken bento) costs around 474 yen and a bowl of ramen costs 547 yen. A bowl of gyuudon (rice with beef) costs around 374 yen. Of course, the cheapest and healthiest is to cook your own food.

Basic needs – 7.419 yen per month 

This is the average monthly cost for your basic needs such as electricity, gas, and water. Moreover, this fee can be different because it depends on usage. Especially during the summer and winter months, people usually use air conditioning or heating more often. 

Transportation, communication, and internet – 18.612 yen per month

Although it seems to take up a large portion of monthly expenses, but usually some companies will pay back (reimbursed) transportation costs for their employees. Different for a student, you need to save your money for this situation. If you want to take the bus or train, there is a commuter pass. 

Other expenses – 23.434 yen per month

Whether hanging out with friends, going on a date, or just having fun by yourself, this is certainly still needed for the balance of personal life with work. But it may be better if you save your money. 

Those are the cost you need to prepare before decide to live in Japan. To live in Japan, you also need to be fluent in the Japanese language. You can easily learn Japanese language in Cakap application. Download it on App store / Play store.

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